Banner and Updates
by Zombifaction

Hey everybody!

Thanks for reading this if you are just some updates and stuff about the comic here.

Ok first of all, script #3 has beensent off and VG has it! She's given me some good feed back on it and it should be in production soon. Fun Fact: Before I sent her the scipt I asked if she had ever been punched really hard in the stomach. Thankfully she hasn't, trust me not a feeling you want. Past that I've been informed that both the cover photo as well as a brand spankin' new banner are in production and almost done. Those will be done before comic 3, also just an fyi comic 3 is a full page (2, 4 panel comic).

In other news, we've been running ads through and they are crushing it!


Crushing it!


Past that I've been up to some studying and should be able to play with the site as much as I like, so expect some changes around the 20 of September. As well as I hope you noticed that there is a new background as well as a new look on mobile. That's all thanks to a little code work and some very fine art by SarahWidiyanti.


So thanks for checking out the comic and I hope you enjoy what's to come because, I'm pretty sure this will become a catch phrase, it's only going to get worse.

Writing is hard
by Zombifaction


Wow! I'm super happy to see that the comic is going and we even have a subscriber! It's been about a year since I first thought of Lolicaust and now we finally have 2 comics fully done and like 9 others being written and drawn. Writing is so much harder than it should be though, I'm not trying to make excuses and I'm not leading to anything bad like a break of hiatus. Lord knows we already take long enough to get a comic out.

That all said though there is some new stuff coming include some new pages once I hammer out the details of planning out the panels, that 's the hardest part boiling an entire situation down to just 4 panels. But some of the new things coming include new backgrounds(Seasonal baby), we've added a new comic icon so you can see some stuff when searching for the comics, we should be getting the first betas for a comic banner and then after some time since VisualGrandeur has a life of her own (including hosting a panel at a local convention) and then to top it off more comics!

So I hope you enjoy the ride and things as we travel down the dark hole that is Lolicaust!

Looking for a New Artist
by Zombifaction

Wow it has been a bit of time since I last updated this blog but really I still haven't even got this project started! Why could that be? I'm got no free time and I feel like the first scripts aren't as good as they should be.

Ok let's get this out of the way first. I'm out an artist.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Ok so with that little bit of unpleasantness out of the way, I'm looking for a new artist. If you are an artist or know one please send them my way, here.

So I'm hoping I can actually get this project off the ground finally if I can pull some free time out of my ass.

Also I don't think I'll ever stop using that table flip, seriously I love it too much.