Site Updates!
by Zombifaction

So hopefully if you are reading this you will notice that the site has been updated quite a bit.


  • New Domain!

  • New Background

  • Social Media Chicklets Added (More to come, as needed)

  • Updated Site Navigation

  • Error page now has art

  • Added a "Cast" page

  • We have a Facebook page

Hopefully we can get some new material to keep updating the site with or even better actually get some comics moving along. I've written a few scripts and done some working on what will become to the "cover" for the manga. It'd help if I had talent though. For now it is still a waiting game till the artist has enough free time to work on characters then we can hit up the actual comic. Then I have to start paying her... Excuse me.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Lolicaust Comic!
by Zombifaction

So hey! I'm the author of Lolicaust the if I may say so the worst webcomic/webmanga in the history of anything. Trust me when we get it up and going you will understand what I'm talking about, unless you've paruzed the site a bit, then you may already know. But let's really start this proper...

Hello I'm Josh, may I restate, the author/creator of Lolicaust. I will never be able to make up for that fact but I will however revil in it. I'm by no means an artist of any sort so I had to go seeking one and wouldn't you know it from Canada comes my salvation, or I guess rather damnation. So let me get this out of the way if you read this comic, you aren't a bad person, if you enjoy it however you are most certainly a person I'd love to meet you.

My perspective artists is

This comic is about as you may have guessed by the title is about lolita girls in a concentration camp of sorts. That said let me state fro the most part it will be readable by most...over the age of 13. There will be no nudity and for the most part nothing too gory. This isn't a snuff comic/manga. It is a dark comedy slice of life, which might be even worse. At least with a snuff thing the characters will eventually stop suffering, I can't make promises for their characters.

I'm hoping we can get some pages out soon enough, but sadly soon enough is never really soon enough.