by Zombifaction

So it turns out basically comicfury is not ok with my comic. They have not banned me but they have basically made it so that whenever I upload a new page it will NOT appear on the recent pages section. So thye've basically kneecapped the comic.

So I guess we're still here but, fuck...

Restarting from Scratch
by Zombifaction

So it’s been a while and quite frankly I thought the comic was dead forever. Turns out not so. I’ve found a new artist, what’s this the 3rd? UntrimmedLines has agreed to work on the comic to the point she has even expressed interest in it instead of just the money. But hey it’s good news. So she has been at work redesigning the characters in her style and I gotta say I’m really happy with the way things have come along.

With her new style a redesign of the original style might be in order. So the original idea of Lolicaust was to make it a 4-koma or a 4 panel comic, if you’ve never read a manga. The idea was basically:

[Panel 1] - Introduction to the setting

[Panel 2] - Set up for the joke

[Panel 3] - Expand on the joke

[Panel 4] – Punchline

With a variation on the 3rd and 4th panel from how I saw it. That was the original premise and I do want to stick with that when possible but I can also just make any page it’s own free form joke with as many panel I’d like or no joke at all and just help build the “story”. I’m working on writing out the basic flow of the story as I see it but the entire point of the series was really just try to make a funny joke out of something that was not a funny idea. Either way I’m pretty psyched about what we can do with it.

As of right now we have no start date, UntrimmedLines is about half way through the cast designs so it’ll be a minute. I’d like to set up a bi-monthly schedule but I’d also like to start with a couple comics in the can to keep from having any unscheduled downtime since we both have lives we have to lead in the mean time. But I’m typing this at work right now so my time is kind of open.

In other news I’m setting up a discord as a would be community center for people who enjoy the comic. It’s a work in progress and probably won’t be made available until a couple pages have been released to help build an audience. But if you are looking forward to the comic please use the links at the top of the page to follow UntrimmedLines on Deviant Art and me on Twitter for any updates or the random crap I post there. The RSS is the best way to stay up to date and I’ll keep working to improve the site itself, working with code is kind of fun.

Latest update!

The cast page has been updated and character portraits have been added for a bit of flair.

Banner and Updates
by Zombifaction

Hey everybody!

Thanks for reading this if you are just some updates and stuff about the comic here.

Ok first of all, script #3 has beensent off and VG has it! She's given me some good feed back on it and it should be in production soon. Fun Fact: Before I sent her the scipt I asked if she had ever been punched really hard in the stomach. Thankfully she hasn't, trust me not a feeling you want. Past that I've been informed that both the cover photo as well as a brand spankin' new banner are in production and almost done. Those will be done before comic 3, also just an fyi comic 3 is a full page (2, 4 panel comic).

In other news, we've been running ads through and they are crushing it!


Crushing it!


Past that I've been up to some studying and should be able to play with the site as much as I like, so expect some changes around the 20 of September. As well as I hope you noticed that there is a new background as well as a new look on mobile. That's all thanks to a little code work and some very fine art by SarahWidiyanti.


So thanks for checking out the comic and I hope you enjoy what's to come because, I'm pretty sure this will become a catch phrase, it's only going to get worse.