Main Cast

1 Chan


Age: 9

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Pink

Personality: She is has a bright personality and outlook on life even if she is confined to a concentration camp for the remainder of her life for reasons she doesn't know or understand. She loves her friends and tries to keep everyone's spirits high in the hopes of one day getting their freedom back. Her personality keeps her from really facing her problems instead she is more likely to shut out any conflicts with her world view.

Favorite Food: Chocolate

2 Chan


Age: 9

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red

Personality: 2-chan is 1-chan's best friend. They have known each other since they were little and she thinks of her as a sister. Where as 1-chan is has a bright outlook on life, 2-chan is a bit more cynical and has a colder attitude towards other people. She does her best to protect 1-chan from all the harsh truthes of life while enjoying 1-chan's views of life. She tries to face her problems head on.

Favorite Food: Strawberries.

3 Chan


Age: 12

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blue

Personality: 3-chan is a very shy girl who until being confined into the camp was a sheepish girl who spent most of her life with her nose in a book. While she is older than everyone else she is far less knowledgeable about the world and on occasion can be very childish. She is more likely to run away from things she can't handle.

Favorite Food: Banana splits.

4 Chan


Age: 11

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Green

Personality: 4 Chan is brash and impulsive. She claims to be making plans to escape the camp for her friends but she seems to just be blowing hot air. The other girls aren't sure whether she actually knows a lot of things or if she is just making up half of the things she claims she can do. Her impulsive nature gets her chastised pretty regularly. She faces her problems with curiousity and vigor.

Favorite Food: Bubble Gum.